don't honk, feeding the hungry

how it all began...

You look up from your steering wheel 🚘 and meet the pleading eyes of somebody holding a sign. “Hungry. Please help.”

We tell ourselves, “I’m in a rush”, “not now, not today”, “I can’t help everyone.” And you can’t. Not every day and not every time. On Mandela Day we found ourselves looking for opportunities to give back. We didn’t have to look very far. The less fortunate are right next to us, at every robot and every street corner.

As a high-functioning society, there is always somewhere to be or something to do that seems more pressing. Our mission is to take a few hours out of every week to slow down, give back, and put a smile on a face of despair. To collectively do our part and invite others to join us in saying “yes” to those who are expecting a “no.”


To help the less fortunate by doing our small part and mobilizing others to join us in this cause.


To raise more resources, to cover more areas, and to provide food to more people in need.

our timeline

JULY 2020

67+ Meals Distributed

2 Crew Members

JUNE 2022

9 140 Meals Distributed

30+ Crew Members*

4 Feedathons & 1 Soupathon

6 Partners & Supporters

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our crew in action 🔥

our crew in
action 🔥

our supporters

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