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According to a recent estimate by the Human Sciences Resource Center, South Africa is home to approximately 200,000 street homeless people, a significant portion of the nation’s population of 58,78 million. 

(Stats SA. Gov, 2019)

4 862  in greater Cape Town area
700  in the central business district

79% of the population
under the poverty line

(DW, 2019)


The groups worst affected by poverty are black South Africans‚ the unemployed‚ the less educated‚ female-headed households‚ large families and children.

more than 30-million people live with R992 or less per month


Food insecurity
has long been an issue in South Africa. In 2019, roughly 11% of the population (roughly 6.5 million people) were classified as suffering from chronic hungerIn 2020, the effects of Covid-19 saw the nation experience one of the largest economic declines in South Africa. Many of those previously on the borderline of extreme poverty were left homeless, with little to no assurance of a meal for the day.


The Coronavirus Rapid Mobile Survey published in July 2020, showed that 47% of the adults surveyed ran out of money to buy food for their household in April. In the previous seven days before being surveyed, 21% of adults said that at least one person in their household went hungry, and 15% said that a child had gone hungry in the same period. 


Source: www.globalcitizen.org | July 2020

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